Marissa 810x450 XLarge Single Bowl Sink Trough


Embrace stainless steel perfection

There's stainless steel, and then there's Alma stainless steel. The former never quite lives up to expectations, while the latter represents the height of quality & perfection.

With anti-corrosion features, your Alma stainless steel sink will remain in perfect condition for years to come.

A statement kitchen starts with your sink

The kitchen is the heart of your home. From cooking to hosting social gatherings, it all begins in the kitchen. Creating a statement kitchen that's truly your own starts with your sink. Design your bespoke kitchen with our extensive collection of designer fixtures and customisable kitchen sinks, and craft truly unique gastronomic haven.

Impeccable design meets functionality

Transform your kitchen experience with our range of accessories which seamlessly intertwine functionality & industrial style.From sturdy wooden chopping boards to dish racks, colanders to drainboards, your kitchen has never looked or felt so good.